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Comms Connect distribute Sonus (NET Quintum) VoIP Gateways and associated products to suit the carrier, service provider and enterprise markets.



SBC1000 Unified Communications Gateway
SBC2000 Unified Communications Gateway


VX1200 Unified Communications Gateway
VX1800 Unified Communications Gateway


Tenor Product Descriptions

Tenor AF Series - Survivable option available
Tenor AX Series - Survivable option available
Tenor BX Series - Survivable option available
Tenor DX Series - Survivable option available
Tenor CMS
Tenor Call Routing Server
Tenor Call Relay
Tenor Gatekeeper
Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60
Remote Management Session Server


Quintum “Risk Free” VoIP Gateways

Quintum Tenor range of Gateways provide a “Risk Free” way to migrate to VoIP with the following benefits.

Guaranteed QoS – The Quintum Tenor gateways SelectNet feature has the ability to switch to the PSTN dynamically during the call if the data network degrades. This allows you to use any broadband IP connection saving in data costs.

No Upgrades to the PBX or Router – The Quintum solution using it’s MultiPath architecture simply bolts onto the existing trunks and intelligently decides which calls to route via IP using the inbuilt integrated gatekeeper. No expensive changes or re-programming is required to the existing PBX or data router. The solution can work with any PBX, Key System or Standard telephone lines. The gatekeepers automatically update the status of all other gateways, making deployments, adds, moves and changes of very large deployments very simple.

Cost Effective – Solution is well priced providing ROI’s of 2-3 months an allows you to use any IP connection. The total cost of deployment is minimized and with PacketSaver the bandwidth required can be halved.

Quintum Tenor Features

SelectNet - Monitors Jitter, Latency and Packet loss. Calls will be re-routed during the call to the PSTN if required. This is a zero risk solution as calls will be re-routed if the quality falls below your acceptable standards.

MultiPath – Routes calls transparently to users. No need to re-program the PBX simply connect the device between the PBX and PSTN and program the Quintum solution to accept only the calls to be routed over IP. All other calls are routed transparently to the PSTN.

Gatekeeper - No need for complicated centralized softswitch control.

NATAccess – IP address translation in the H.323 call packets allowing the solution to work behind a firewall.

PacketSaver - Packet Compression of up to 50%.

IVR & Radius – Supports IVR and Radius making this the ideal calling card solution.

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