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Tenor CMS - Voip Gateway and TDM switch

Tenor CMS provides a high density TDM switch and/or VoIP gateway from 8xE1’s scaling up to 32xE1’s. The CMS is suitable for Carriers, Service Providers, Calling Card providers and larger enterprises needing up to 960 calls in a 4RU switch.

The Tenor Carrier MultiPath Switch gives CLECs, ISPs, and other telecommunications entrepreneurs an easy, cost-effective way to deliver low-cost, high-quality voice services over IP networks. Advanced features include both IP Packet and TDM circuit switching, built-in multilingual IVR and the ability to perform Billing and Least Cost Routing in association with an external RADIUS based billing server.

Residing in your POP and connected to Tenor units on customer premises via IP, the Tenor CMS provides a complete VoIP solution with a MultiPath architecture that allows you to use both your data network and the public switched telephone network to provide voice service. By providing greater assurance of call quality and reliability, this unique capability makes VoIP services easier for you to sell to today’s risk-averse customers, easier to customize for individual customer needs, and easier to scale as your business expands

Product Description

Tenor CMS 240 Carrier MultiPath Switch Base System can be ordered in a.c. or d.c. power Tenor CMS 19” rack mounting 2 slot chassis with system controller, and single power supply.

Tenor CMS 960 Carrier MultiPath Switch Base System is available in a.c. or d.c. power. Tenor CMS 19” rack mounting 8 slot chassis with system controller, and dual hot-swappable redundant power supplies. A third power supply can be added.

Tenor CMS 240 and CMS 960 DS-1 Interface Line Card and DSP Resource Module

Tenor CMS 240 and CMS 960 Carrier MultiPath Switches are supplied with Quintum’s DS-1 Line Cards and DSP-120 DSP Resource Modules.

The Tenor CMS (Carrier MultiPath Switch) can be configured to support from 8 to 32 T1/E1 spans, and from 120 to 960 simultaneous VoIP calls using the Tenor CMS DS-1 Line Cards and Tenor CMS DSP-120 DSP Resource Modules.

Each DS-1 Line Card will support up to 8 DS1 ports. The DS1 ports can be individually configured to support either T1 or E1 line protocols.

Each DS-1 Line Card may be equipped with either one or two plug-in DSP-120 DSP Resource Modules. Each DSP Resource Module will support up to 120 simultaneous VoIP calls.

The Tenor CMS can also be configured as a TDM circuit switch only with no VoIP capability. When used in this configuration no DSP resource is required when using T1 or E1 PRI signaling. A minimum of one DSP Resource Module will be required when using T1 or E1 channel associated signaling (CAS).

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