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Product Development Announcement!

Published by jlangford in Products · 18/12/2009 00:00:00

Commsconnect is pleased to reveal its latest software innovation: the light-weight switchless re-bill supplement to PortaOne's PortaBilling software. As a consumer, you are no doubt aware of the regular occurrence of certain static charges on your telephony invoice, things such as phone line rental, handset rental or a multitude of other subscription charges.

What our recent development does is allow businesses who source their infrastructure from specialised providers to appropriately invoice their consumers in the same way, and on the same invoice that PortaBilling uses. Confused? Let me explain. Imagine your business model covers certain services. Brilliant! Your consumers are happy. One day, consumer #1234 contacts your customer service centre and wants to know if your organisation can provide a service that your company can not provide for profit -- so it is outsourced. How do you bill this customer for these services?

That's where this development comes in.

You can source your xDR's from another carrier, and bundle them into the same invoice as you would other services. This way, you can expand your business model and offerings without over-extending your organisation.

What is it?

•\t add-on for the PortaBilling engine

What does it do?

•\tenables PortaBilling to provide for re-bill xDRs, static items such as line rental/internet charges/recurring fees
•\t allows more robust, and flexible business models
•\timproves consumer satisfaction

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