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Rightfax and analog Tenors

Published by Ahmet Saral in Solutions · 26/3/2011 00:00:00

At Comms Connect, adding value services to meet our customers’ needs is one of our highest priorities.

As a recent example, we were approached by a prominent Fax over IP (FoIP) system integrator who wanted to trial Analog Quintum Tenor gateways in a T.38 Fax scenario.  After running several tests, the first results with the Analog Tenors were not to their satisfaction, as they had previously been using Digital Quintum Tenors with a 100% success rate.

In consultation with Comms Connect and Quintum, they had discovered that the issue was related to level and impedance settings on the Analog Tenor to optimise an analog line condition.

After making adjustments to the level settings, the first-call success rate on the gateway began to shift; from 85%, to 91%, and finally 100%.

We were informed that by comparison, their best achieved final-call success rate using analog gateways from other brands at a much higher price points could only reach a success rate of 95% at the most.

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