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PortaOne Billing100

PortaBilling100 is a carrier grade converged VoIP billing platform with software and customer management that enables telecommunication service providers and carriers to launch, price and provision their services.

PortaBilling100 supports Caller-ID (ANI) based VoIP billing, with both prepaid and postpaid billing models, as well as prepaid calling cards and account/PIN systems with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). PortaBilling100 can also be used by wholesale VoIP carrier who terminate VOIP traffic for other providers.

Product Includes:
Radius server
SQL database definitions
Billing software, including the
source code
2-day on-site
training session
6 months of the  package
15 hours of network monitoring following installation
Unlimited perpetual license, including the ASP functionality

Features and Benefits:

  • Full prepaid and postpaid billing support for any RADIUS based equipment,

  •      for example, Cisco, NextTone, Quintum, open source Asterisk, ALOE MVTS

  • ANI-based billing

  • Wholesale termination billing

  • Fully compatible with the rest of PortaOne products: PortaSIP, PortaUM, and PortaBridge

  • E-Commerce module - credit card clearing, customized invoices

  • User portal - multilingual web interface

  • Over 100 call attempts/second, translating to over 10 million minutes per month

  • RADIUS server, billing engine, database, IVR support - all in one solution

  • Support unlimited number of VoIP gateways

  • Session Initiation Protocol support - integrated with PortaSIP

  • Advanced least cost routing

  • Unlimited number of products and tariffs for single network

  • Multilingual web-based interface for administrators, customers, customer-care staff and account owners

  • Template system for safe and easy bulk-access to the database (e.g. automated tariff upload)

  • Customizable invoices and receipts

  • E-commerce modules for augmenting accounts with credit cards

  • Customer care section for easy troubleshooting of customer complaints

  • ASP-ready - several independent billing systems on one PortaBilling100 billing engine

  • Superior diagnostic and helpdesk tools

  • Statistics module for generation of customized reports and graphs

  • Integration-ready thanks to the product’s open architecture

SwitchRay/ALOE (Mera) MVTS II - Billing as part of Class 4 softswitch

MVTS II (SwitchRay/ALOE VoIP Transit Softswitch II) is a carrier-grade prepaid transit Voip softswitch and billing platform with unmatched routing flexibility for effective VoIP traffic management.

Specifically designed to increase the efficiency of VoIP traffic management on large-scale networks.
A handy solution for wholesale carriers who consider price-to-quality ratio in each call route and need to promptly react to changes in routing policy of their peers.
Ideal for carriers that would like to take the advantage of “hosted softswitch” capability and sacrifice ease of the system management for elaborate functionality.

MVTS II offers the following benefits:

  • Integrated pre-paid/postpaid billing

  • Real-time Least Cost Routing and profitability control, combined with elaborate quality-based routing

  • ENUM-enabled routing, Inter/Intrastate routing and LNP*

  • Distributed architecture that ensures business-critical reliability and delivers carrier-grade scalability

  • Large variety of reports based on real-time statistics data and reporting tools

  • SIP <-> H.323 support and codec conversion

  • Advanced debugging options

  • Multi-level partioning

  • Disconnect code mapping

  • Flexible number translation at different stages of routing through regular expressions

*Customization is required since LNP standards are different due to country specific regulations.

MVTS II delivers a wealth of new opportunities for VoIP carriers and service providers:

  • Real-time prepaid/post-paid billing ensures that the system doesn’t not accept any customer’s traffic in access of the pre-paid or credited amount

  • Advanced routing algorithms can be based on:

  • route cost, price and margin

  • route quality (ASR, ACD, PDD, QoS)

  • route / gateway concurrent calls and cps

  • gateway balancing options

  • time of day, day of week/month/year

  • inter / intrastate or LNP status of a call

  • Elaborate operation analysis and reporting tools enable control of profitability and overall efficiency of the VoIP network and provide the operator with detailed reports

  • SIP-H.323 conversion and transcoding guarantee smooth interaction with customer and partner networks

  • Partitioning capabilities allow creation of fully-featured independent hosted softswitches within the main platform

  • Manual and automatic import-export operations to / from the Oracle database allow for bulk data management.

  • Routing policies

One of the most appreciated features of MVTS II is a possibility to create a set of routing formulas for customers with different service levels. The formulas are used to sort the routing options in order of termination priority, and may use over 20 statistical parameters, including cost, ASR, ACD, PDD, gateway load, cps, etc.

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